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There’s a fascinating transition happening in the smokable hemp space. Although CBD flowers remain incredibly popular, many customers are getting interested in strains with THC-related cannabinoids. Unquestionably, delta-8 THC is the most popular of these “alt THC” compounds, but a few other THC relatives have emerged in the past few years.

For instance, there’s now a lot of buzz surrounding the mysterious delta-10 THC. While it’s not as easy to find delta-10 products versus delta-8, enough companies are offering it to warrant a deeper discussion. 

What Is Delta-10?

Like delta-8 and delta-9, delta-10 THC is a phytocannabinoid in cannabis that has psychoactive properties. The only distinction between delta-10 and other THC molecules has to do with the placement of its double-bond.


If you were to look up delta-10’s molecular code, you’d see it has this double-bond on the 10th carbon chain. Apart from that, delta-10 THC resembles delta-8 and delta-9 in its structure. 


While this detail may seem insignificant, it’s the critical reason delta-10 has a unique legal status in the USA. Also, some doctors believe the placement of this double-bond could influence delta-10 THC’s effects. 

When the US government legalized hemp in 2018, there was no mention of alternative THC compounds like delta-8 or delta-10. Indeed, the 2018 US Farm Bill expressly bans the use and sale of delta-9 THC. All legal hemp products in the USA need to have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.


So, from a federal perspective, any hemp-derived delta-10 product is legal to buy, sell, and use. However, since delta-10 is so closely connected to delta-9, some state legislators aren’t too keen on this cannabinoid. There may be local restrictions on smokable hemp or delta-10 THC.


Because delta-10 is still relatively unknown, it may be easier to find than delta-8 THC. Just be aware that delta-10 could land you in hot water if you’re in a state with restrictive cannabis laws. 


Even if your state has relaxed hemp laws, please double-check the delta-10 you’re ordering meets the federal guidelines for THC concentrations. Reputable companies should always scan their delta-10 flowers for delta-9 THC. If you can’t get a third-party lab analysis on your delta-10 flowers, you shouldn’t buy them. 

How Does Delta-10 Flower Make Users Feel?

There’s no empirical evidence on delta-10’s effects, but most people who try it notice two distinct features. First off, delta-10 seems to be less intense versus delta-9 THC. True, delta-10 is psychoactive, but it doesn’t seem to have as disorienting an effect as its illegal relative.


Secondly, many customers claim delta-10 has properties you’d expect in a sativa strain. If these rumors are true, you’ll probably notice a head-rush high after taking delta-10. You may also experience euphoria, giggles, and chattiness with delta-10 strains.


Again, there’s no data to back up these claims, but many say delta-10 leans sativa. These effects make delta-10 better suited for customers struggling with fatigue-related issues.

How Does Delta-10 Compare With Delta-8?

Unfortunately, we don’t have conclusive evidence on how delta-10 differs from delta-8 THC. However, many people who’ve tried these cannabinoids believe delta-8 is more indica and delta-10 is more sativa. 


Typically, if customers want a strain for relaxation and insomnia relief, they will gravitate towards delta-8 THC flowers. On the opposite extreme, people who need help with fatigue or a lack of motivation will be better off with delta-10.


There’s also speculation that mixing delta-10 and delta-8 could produce a well-balanced hybrid effect. However, it’s still rare to find strains with equal amounts of delta-8 and delta-10 THC. 


At this point, it’s best to reserve delta-8 for nighttime use and delta-10 for party atmospheres or during the daytime. 

Is Delta-10 Similar To CBD?

Interestingly, most hemp-derived delta-10 products start as CBD. To avoid hassles with regulators, manufacturers take CBD molecules from hemp and manipulate them to form delta-10. Since CBD and THC have a similar parent cannabinoid (i.e., CBG), they have remarkably similar structures.


But this doesn’t mean that the delta-10 you find on the legal market is identical to CBD. True, these cannabinoids share many properties, but CBD is non-psychoactive. Delta-10, however, can land on cannabinoid receptors and provoke more intense physiological effects.


Even if people are experienced with CBD, they’ll notice a little delta-10 goes a long way. New delta-10 users must start with a low dose and gradually increase their consumption.  

Could You Vape Delta-10 Flowers?

Customers don’t need to use joint paper to enjoy delta-10 flowers. People who have a dry herb vaporizer could load their favorite device with some dank delta-10 hemp nugs. Grind your herb as you would a CBD strain and put it in the loading chamber. After your unit reaches your preferred temperature, draw your delta-10!


Many tokers claim dry herb vaporizers produce a more flavorful hit versus standard joints. Instead of putting fire on your flowers, vaporizers use conduction or convection heating. These methods heat hemp nugs without burning them. 


Please double-check your vaporizer is dry herb compatible before putting these nugs in your loading chamber. Also, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when grinding your buds.

What’s The Best Time To Take Delta-10 Flowers?

Everybody has a different reaction to delta-10 flowers, but most people say it’s better to smoke these nugs early in the day. As mentioned above, delta-10 tends to have a “sativa lite” effect. Even in small doses, you may experience a head-buzz high that could make it impossible to settle down.


However, since delta-10 is so new, you shouldn’t experiment with it on a busy workday. It’s best to start smoking delta-10 flowers on a day when you have nothing on your schedule. Consider taking delta-10 in the morning or afternoon to take advantage of its purported energizing properties.


Once you get a feel for how delta-10 affects you, it’ll be easier to choose when this cannabinoid best fits into your day.

Is Delta-10 Detectable On Drug Screenings?

Drug screenings claim to only scan for delta-9 THC, but they usually can’t distinguish between delta-9, delta-8, and delta-10. So, if you have delta-10 in your body, chances are it will show up on a standard urine test. 


If delta-10’s half-life is similar to delta-9’s, it will likely stay in your system a few days after you consume it. Heavy hemp smokers could have THC metabolites in their bloodstream for weeks after using a product. 


At this point, the only way to ensure you have a clean drug screening is to consume THC-free products. For instance, CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD usually don’t appear on drug tests. Unlike full-spectrum CBD, isolate and broad-spectrum must register zero percent delta-9 THC.

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