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Delta 10 Moon Rocks by Delta Flowers

If it’s high-potency hemp you’re after, then you must look into delta-10 moon rocks. These concentrated hemp nugs are overflowing with delta-10, which gives them unparalleled intensity. For tokers who have experience with THC, delta-10 moon rocks may be the next step on your hemp journey.

How Do People Make Delta-10 Moon Rocks?

When moon rocks “crash-landed” in California’s marijuana market, there was only one way to make them. OG moon rock manufacturers would take trichome-rich GSC flowers, dip them in hash oil, and sprinkle the top with high-THC kief. 


Although this traditional formula remains popular with cannasseurs, plenty of other strains and cannabinoids are available in moon rock form. For instance, many hemp cultivators now make CBD, delta-8, or delta-10 moon rocks.


The big difference between a hemp delta-10 moon rock and a traditional marijuana moon rock is delta-9 concentration. To qualify as a federally legal delta-10 moon rock, lab tests must show this product has ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. Marijuana moon rocks, however, typically have delta-9 THC levels in the 50 percent range. 

What’s The Point Of Smoking Delta-10 Moon Rocks?

We won’t lie: people smoke delta-10 moon rocks to get “high.” Heck, the word “high” may be an understatement!


Moon rocks are amongst the most concentrated products in the hemp market. These nugs will always have an intense and immediate impact on your endocannabinoid system. Plus, since delta-10 is a psychoactive cannabinoid, these moon rocks could seriously alter your perception of reality. 


While there may be therapeutic potential for delta-10 moon rocks, most customers buy these concentrated nugs for their insane potency. 

Considering how potent delta-10 moon rocks are, they may seem like illegal products. However, as long as manufacturers ensure their delta-10 moon rocks have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9, they meet the 2018 US Farm Bill’s standards. Technically, delta-10 moon rocks are legal at the federal level. 


Of course, since delta-10 is so closely related to delta-9 THC, it’s unlikely a few states won’t outlaw it in the future. After all, there are already a few territories that have local bans on delta-8 products. If delta-10 gets more mainstream attention, it could face increased regulation at the local level.


Customers interested in products like delta-10 moon rocks should consult their town’s hemp-related rules and restrictions. Just because delta-10 is OK at the federal level doesn’t mean local legislatures can’t ban it. 

How Do People Smoke Delta-10 Moon Rocks?

While you could sprinkle bits of your moon rocks in a hemp joint, most people prefer to smoke these treats in a pipe or bong. When you inhale delta-10 moon rocks through these devices, you’ll enjoy the most profound and immediate effects. 


Delta-10 moon rocks are a fun option for party settings or small gatherings of fellow hemp enthusiasts. People who need immediate relief will also appreciate the intensity delta-10 moon rocks provide. 


Just keep in mind delta-10 moon rocks are pretty sticky, so they will gunk up your preferred smoking unit. Also, most tokers recommend adding some ground hemp to your pipe before mixing in your ground moon rocks. The dry herb will help catch your flame, which should make it easier to smoke this product.

What Do Delta-10 Moon Rocks Feel Like?

Smoking delta-10 moon rocks is an “otherworldly” experience. You’ll likely feel a profound head-buzz high coupled with sensations like euphoria, tingling temples, and increased stamina. Delta-10 also tends to produce side effects like chattiness and giggles. 


Unlike delta-8 THC, delta-10 is closely associated with sativa strains. While these sativa effects may vary depending on what hybrid moon rock manufacturers use, you should expect more energizing effects with delta-10 moon rocks. 

Could Beginners Safely Try Delta-10 Moon Rocks?

If you have zero experience with hemp THC cannabinoids, you should steer clear of delta-10 moon rocks. It’s always better to start with non-psychoactive cannabinoids and then work your way up to high-intensity THC products.


For instance, new customers should focus on CBD and CBG. These readily-available hemp cannabinoids have a low risk of side effects like paranoia. Also, starting with CBD flowers or CBD moon rocks will give you a feel for hemp without the negatives often associated with THC. 


When you feel comfortable moving up to delta-10 or delta-8, please start with lower-intensity products like gummies or capsules. These items will give your body a chance to adjust to THC. Over time, you will develop a THC tolerance that will help you withstand the blast of delta-10 flowers, vape carts, and moon rocks.

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