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THCa Flower by Delta Flowers - Organic, Sticky, and Pungent!

THCa Hemp Flower by Delta Flowers

Although alt-cannabinoid infused hemp flower remains one of the largest and most effective ways to enjoy hemp bud with an added kick, the recent development of THCa flower has taken the hemp community by storm.

For those unaware, THCa flower is hemp flower that is rich in THCa – AKA the precursor to THC. In short, this is top shelf hemp flower that remains below .3% THC, yet encompasses the effects that come from traditional cannabis once combusted.

It’s no surprise that THCa flower has grown so rapidly – you get to enjoy high quality hemp flower with exotic genetic traits, as well as psychoactive effects, minus any additional infusion.

As part of our mission to raise the bar in the hemp game, we decided to throw our hat in the ring and are happy to announce we are offering top shelf organic THCa flower alongside our signature line of infused hemp flower. Browse our collection today and get ready experience the greatest advancement the hemp industry has seen since the delta-8 THC boom.

What's the difference between THCa Flower and CBD Flower?

THCa Flower and CBD Flower are both varietals of Cannabis that are below the legal threshold of .3 Delta-9 THC.

They are both sold as is, without infusion. This is unlike Delta-8, Delta-10, and THC-O Flower, which requires additional processing to include said cannabinoids.

The key difference between CBD Flower and THCa lies in the genetics and method of harvesting.

In short, THCa flowers are strains bred to be rich in high amounts of THCa in the final window of testing ahead of harvesting, where CBD flower strains tend to be strictly rich in CBD.

Based on the 2018 US Farm Bill, only delta-9 THC is illegal in the USA. Specifically, hemp-derived products with ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 on a dry weight basis are OK in America.

As such, unless in a Total THC state, THCa hemp flower is legal to possess and consume based on the farm bill – given that the product follows the <0.3 Delta-9 THC rule.

How Does Smoking THCa Flowers Feel?

Due to the nature of THCa, you’ll find that THCa flower’s effects are nearly identical to traditional Delta-9 THC rich marijuana.

Due to testing & harvesting challenges, you may find percentages slightly lower in THCa than these strains, but they are more than close enough in comparison, so the difference is negligable.

Will THCa Appear On A Drug Screening?

While technically THCa isn’t Delta-9 THC, it will likely show on a THC focused drug screening.

This is due to the nature of THCa as a cannabinoid. Being a pre-cursor to Delta-9 THC, the combustion causes THCa to decarboxylate – which in turn triggers it to change to Delta-9 THC.

Those who are expecting a drug screening should refrain from smoking THCa flowers as a precautionary measure.

Interested in Wholesale THCa?

Visit our Wholesale THCa Page to get started!

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