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Organic Hemp Products Infused with Delta THC variants.

The alternative cannabinoid industry is booming and its popularity is growing.

At Delta Flowers, our goal is to be a pillar in the community and hemp industry by providing top quality infused hemp flowers and concentrates.

With multiple partners along the west coast, we’ve been selling hemp products online since 2018, and operated a brick and mortar store even before then.

Now with the recent growth, we’ve seen a decline in true quality hemp being sold, and our goal is to step in and take action by providing true top shelf quality hemp products you can trust, organically grown and lab tested.

Skip the resellers, drop shippers, and affiliates, buy direct from the farm with Delta Flowers.

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Delta 10 vs. Delta 8 THC

Even if you’re not a hemp aficionado, you probably know there are many new options in the legal cannabinoid market. Besides CBD, more intense THC

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