Delta 10 vs. Delta 8 THC

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Even if you’re not a hemp aficionado, you probably know there are many new options in the legal cannabinoid market. Besides CBD, more intense THC alternatives are gaining mainstream adoption online and in smoke shops.

Unquestionably, the most talked-about THC alternative is delta 8 THC, but delta 10 is gaining its fair share of attention. Understandably, many new customers are curious which of these two hemp THC compounds is better for them.

While the differences between delta 8 and delta 10 may be slight, customers should consider a few factors before making a purchase. Taking a few moments to analyze the differences between delta 8 vs. delta 10 could greatly influence a user’s experience.

What’s The Main Reason Delta 8 And Delta 10 Are Different?

The only scientific reason separating delta 8 and delta 10 is the placement of a double-bond. Unsurprisingly, you could tell where this double-bond is by looking at the cannabinoid’s number.

If you were to examine delta 8 THC’s structure, you’d see a double-bond on its eighth carbon chain. As for delta 10, you’d see it on the tenth. And, to complete the trilogy, you’d see delta 9 THC’s double-bond on the ninth carbon chain.

Please note that delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 THC are all “natural” phytocannabinoids. In plain English, this means scientists didn’t create these cannabinoids in a sterile lab setting. You can find each of these THC molecules in raw hemp flowers.

However, delta 8 and delta 10 usually have super low concentrations in cannabis strains. While delta 9 THC is ≤ 0.3 percent in hemp, it’s generally above 10 percent in modern marijuana plants.

Since delta 8 and delta 10 are so scarce in hemp, most manufacturers extract the more abundant CBD and modify its molecular structure. CBD and THC both come from CBG, so they share a similar pattern. Trained lab technicians could quickly transform legal CBD molecules into delta 8 or delta 10.

Legally Speaking, How Do Delta 8 And Delta 10 Compare?

From a federal standpoint, delta 8 and delta 10 THC have the same legal status in the USA. The 2018 US Farm Bill only outlawed hemp strains with ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. So, as long as manufacturers are using hemp with minimal traces of delta 9, there’s nothing illegal about using delta 10 or delta 8.

However, since these cannabinoids started gaining popularity on social media, there has been some pushback from state legislators. Most recent attempts to ban these THC alternatives have focused on delta 8.

As mentioned in the intro, delta 8 THC is more popular than delta 10. Given delta 8’s notoriety, it’s an easier target for local lawmakers. If your state has a ban on THC alternatives, it will likely focus on delta 8.

Until there’s greater clarity at the federal level, everyone needs to be extra careful about ordering delta 8 or delta 10 products. First, check if your state has any unique restricitions on these substances. Next, ask your hemp manufacturer if they could provide you with third-party lab analyses.

The sole way to make sure you’re getting a legit hemp product is to scan a company’s Certificates of Analysis. If you can’t get these reports for whatever reason, you should be skeptical about working with that hemp company.

Do Delta 8 And Delta 10 Have Similar Effects?

The only “data” on delta 8 and delta 10’s effects are anecdotal testimonies. However, scientists are certain both of these cannabinoids have psychoactive properties. Although they don’t seem to be as potent as delta 9 THC, delta 8 and delta 10 aren’t as subtle as CBD.

Interestingly, many users claim delta 8 flowers resemble indica strains, while delta 10 hybrids have stereotypical sativa properties. If these rumors are true, delta 8 should be the better option for relaxing nighttime sessions. By contrast, delta 10 strains could be a better choice for people who enjoy energizing “wake & bake” effects.

Please remember that these associations are purely anecdotal. It will take a few years before researchers fully understand how delta 8’s effects differ from delta 10’s. Still, considering how many people support this theory, it’s worth keeping in mind when choosing between these cannabinoids.

How Do People Take Delta 8 And Delta 10?

Not too long ago, it was next-to-impossible to find high-quality delta 8 products—not to mention delta 10. However, as demand for these cannabinoids rises, finding a wider assortment of tinctures, vape carts, and edibles is getting easier.

If you want the most direct effects from delta 8 or delta 10, it’s best to search for vape juices or fortified hemp flowers. These products offer instant results thanks to their incredibly high absorption rate.

While not as easy to find, delta 8 or delta 10 tinctures offer an equally rich experience. To enjoy superior absorption, please hold a dropperful under your tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing.

Delta 8 and delta 10 edibles aren’t as intense as other delivery methods, but they offer soothing & sustained effects. People who are new to THC-related cannabinoids may prefer experimenting with gummies.

While you could find all of these products in smoke shops or online, there’s more variety in the delta 8 market. Whether more companies produce delta 10 products will depend on whether delta 10 could reach a similar market share in the future.

Does Delta 8 Have More Side Effects Than Delta 10?

As far as side effects go, delta 10 and delta 8 seem to have a similar profile. These cannabinoids aren’t as intense as delta 9, so they generally don’t carry as high a risk of adverse reactions. However, since delta 10 and delta 8 are psychoactive, they aren’t as risk-free as CBD.

For a positive experience, new customers should use the lowest recommended dose of delta 10 or delta 8. Always wait at least 30 – 45 minutes after using a hemp THC product to gauge your reaction.

Typically, healthy adults will only experience side effects with delta 10 or delta 8 if they take above their THC threshold. A few THC-related side effects to watch out for include:

  • Paranoia
  • Headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Intense hunger

Please keep track of your delta 8 or delta 10 consumption, especially if it’s your first time dabbling with these cannabinoids. Write down how much THC you’re taking each day and any noticeable effects. Only increase the dose by about 10 mg per day till you achieve your desired outcomes.

We know, keeping a dosage journal may be a pain in the butt; but it’s the only way to determine your tolerance levels.

Could You Pass A Drug Test With Delta 8 Or Delta 10?

There’s no evidence that delta 10 is “better” than delta 8 on drug tests, or vice versa. Employees should assume that either cannabinoid will trigger a positive reading on a blood, saliva, or urine analysis.

If you’re super worried about getting THC on your drug test, please avoid any full-spectrum hemp products. The only way to avoid a positive drug screening is to use broad-spectrum CBD oils or CBD isolate powder.

Unlike full-spectrum hemp extracts, broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate cannot contain traces of THC.

So, Who Do You Choose Between Delta 8 vs. Delta 10?

Honestly, there aren’t many differences between delta 8 and delta 10 extracts. Both cannabinoids come from the hemp plant and have moderate psychoactive properties. Despite these remarkably similar traits, most customers claim specific customers will prefer one THC compound.

If you’re in the market for a sedating “stoner” high, stick with delta 8 THC products. By contrast, those in the mood for more energizing daytime effects will have more luck with delta 10.

Whichever THC product you’re gravitating towards, please remember to double-check your local hemp laws and review all of your company’s COAs. You should also avoid taking delta 8 or delta 10 before driving or operating heavy machinery.



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Delta 10 vs. Delta 8 THC

Even if you’re not a hemp aficionado, you probably know there are many new options in the legal cannabinoid market. Besides CBD, more intense THC

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